• Best Fertility Center in Bangalore
  • Best Fertility Center in Bangalore
  • Best Fertility Center in Bangalore
  • Best Fertility Center in Bangalore
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Best IVF treatment center - Milann

Milann is one of India’s leading chain of fertility centers with Seven units in Bangalore, one each in New Delhi, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad. Formerly known as Bangalore Assisted Conception Center (BACC) Healthcare, it was rebranded as Milann – The Fertility Center, when BACC Healthcare entered into a strategic partnership with HCG Hospitals. Established in 1989 to offer couples access to advanced medical diagnosis and treatment options in the field of Assisted Reproduction (IVF treatment & IUI treatment), Milann has been redefining high-tech fertility care in India. Milann as an organization enables the coming together of like-minded clinical specialists to make the best practices in fertility care accessible to all. With medical experts who have post-doctoral Fellowship and extensively trained in assisted reproduction including reproductive endocrinology, ovarian biology, reproductive immunology and the genetics of fertility, Milann has a technological edge over its competitors.

Spearheaded by Dr. Kamini A Rao, a leading obstetrician and infertility specialist and recipient of the Padma Sri Award, Milann offers comprehensive healthcare services to women, encompassing pre-pregnancy planning, pregnancy and post-delivery. Among Dr. Kamini Rao’s early contributions to the field are the establishment of South India‘s first Semen Bank, India’s First SIFT Baby and South India’s first babies born through ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) as well as through Laser Assisted Hatching. Across a clinical and research career spanning three decades, Dr. Kamini Rao has been a mentor to a large number of fertility specialists while serving as a beacon of hope to thousands of infertile couples. Milann has been recognised and awarded for its IVF treatment expertise by Frost & Sullivan. It was also awarded India's Best Fertility and IVF center in 2016.


Infertility treatment

At Milann we are committed to provide excellence in quality service, care and treatment using the world’s best standards and applying them to our quality systems. Implementation of ISO for over a decade, accreditation with NABL and application for NABH has ensured organizational and structural changes such as introduction of quality control systems, and quality related committees, which have facilitated a systematic problem-identification and problem-solving process, resulting in streamlining of treatment protocols and practices, which in turn has resulted in improved outcomes. A strong quality audit has ensured that the success rate exhibited at the parent Centre could be replicated in the newer Centres. This focus on excellence earned Milann the distinction of being the No 1 Fertility Centre in India by the Times of India Health Survey two years in succession.

Affordable IVF Cost

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an ideal treatment for couples with blocked fallopian tubes, severe abnormalities in the semen parameters, genetic diseases in either parent resulting in miscarriages or stillbirths, women whose ovaries are failing due to age or other causes of infertility. With the help of modern science and advanced technology, our specialists at Milann have enhanced the probabilities of a successful pregnancy at our IVF clinics. Due to high demand and limited resources, it is also very evident that infertility treatments like IVF may cost a fortune for many couples. At Milann, we’ll work with you to make your fertility journey as stress-free as possible, including finding financial solutions by providing an affordable IVF cost to decrease your burden.

Having earned a reputation that attracts patients from across the globe, including Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe, Milann's portfolio of outstanding achievements in the field includes -

  • India's first baby born using SIFT
  • India's first ISO 9001:2008 certified fertility center
  • India’s first fertility center to be granted NABL accredition
  • South India's first micromanipulation ICSI baby
  • South India's first baby born through Laser Assisted Hatching
  • Over 75,000 surgeries conducted
  • India’s best Fertility and IVF Center