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Bengaluru | Thursday, december 29, 2016

Dr. Kamini Rao,
Medical Director

Female Infertility Treatments

Acupuncture may relieve stress that causes infertility

What is the success rate for in vitro? And what is the cost associated with in vitro?

Success rates in IVF is much better than over the years, close to 50 per cent I would say. The cost associated with IVF would be the cost of the procedure itself and the cost of the drugs and this varies in different hospitals or fertility centers.

Can a female who went through menopause get pregnant with infertility treatments? Would they have problems carrying a baby?

A woman who has reached menopause can get pregnant using donor eggs with the husband's sperm. Her carrying the pregnancy would have the same problems as anyone else who would be carrying their own pregnancy at that age. Pre morbid conditions in the woman would decide whether the pregnancy would be risky.

After having my first child three years ago, I was pregnant last year with twins. I had a miscarriage and now I am not able to get pregnant. Is it time to consult an infertility doctor? I am 32.

Since you have already been pregnant twice, and you are not able to get pregnant after the miscarriage, I suggest it is time you meet a doctor to test whether the fallopian tubes are normal or not. It is important to test the sperm parameters in your partner as well. This will give you a better idea as to why you are not conceiving.

My friend advised me acupuncture to treat infertility. Does acupuncture really work?

Acupuncture to treat infertility, at best, can only be supportive to the actual treatment. It tends to relieve the stress, and we do know that stress causes infertility or anovulation. So acupuncture does not do any harm, if at all it may even work.